Operation C.H.E.F. is a nutrition-based cooking camp for kids and teens. Operation C.H.E.F. was created to get kids more comfortable in the kitchen, and to educate them about healthful, sustainable foods. We are a locally-owned camp in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. Whether you are looking for a youth cooking camp or interested in nutrition-based cooking classes in your own home, we welcome you to look through our website and to contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!


At Operation C.H.E.F. cooking camp, young people:

  • Learn professional culinary techniques
  • Cook in our commercial teaching kitchen
  • Explore advanced nutrition information in fun and dynamic ways
  • Master delicious, healthy recipes that are both gourmet and youth-friendly


Someone has robbed America of its nutritional food, and Operation C.H.E.F.’s mission is to get it back into our schools and our homes, into our markets, and inside our bellies! You’ll find us stocking up on supplies at farmers’ markets, training for action at Operation C.H.E.F. kitchens, and advocating for change everywhere you turn. We cannot be stopped. We are bringing healthy back. Be prepared!